AkyPak® Advanced 1200×800

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Our best-selling container in the AkyPak® Advanced series will help you to safely store and transport your hard to-palletize goods and loose items. Sturdy, yet lightweight and ergonomic, its impact-resistant design provides optimal protection to your goods, keeping them safe from ruptures, crushes and water damage.

It features a thermoformed plastic Pallet Base compatible with AGVs and traditional forklifts; a Lid made to allow for the safe stacking of up to 4 containers; and a Sleeve that folds flat after the goods are unloaded.

Its foldability in one-piece set, with the sleeve tucked in between the pallet base and the lid, allows for highly efficient returns. Its return ratio is up to 4.3, depending on the height of the sleeve and the type of truck for transportation.


  • Good Weight to Strength Ratio
  • Shock Resistant
  • High lifespan (up to 10 years)
  • Stackable & Foldable
  • Water protective
  • 100% recyclable

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Technical Data

External Dimensions (mm) 1200x800x800
Internal Dimensions (mm) 1148x737x620
Weight of the Sleeve (kg) 8.9
Weight of the Pallet (kg) 10
Weight of the Lig (kg) 5.3
Box Volume (L) 525
Material HDPE/PP
Sleeve Quality (g/m²) 3000

Load Specifications

Max Load per Container (kg) 500*
Container Stack Empty Return 11
Static (kg) 1000*
Dynamic (kg) 500*
Container Folded height (mm) 236 (+216/
container stacked)
*Depending on the density of goods being packed in the container. Contact us for more information.