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AkyVer® Windows with thermal break

Boasting a large array of features enabling multiple opening conventions and highly resistant to extreme climate conditions, our windows are specifically designed for integration with our AkyVer® Panel 40 clip. Being durable and lightweight, the panels also are able to increase energy efficiency due to the thermal break profiles they are compromised of. Installation costs are also reduced through being quick and easy to install, whats more, pre-glazed options can be installed on-site.

polycarbonate building system prime
akyver corner

AkyVer® Corners

Polycarbonate corner systems.

Its translucent properties offer the unique

opportunity to have an impactful building design and many advantages such as :

– Aesthetical design

– Quick and easy installation

– Suitable for all AkyVer® Panel thicknesses




Aluminium corner systems

This turnkey solution avoids wasting time in the corners during installation.