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A Recognized Technical Expertise

AkyVer® makes up the widest range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets and systems in Europe. With an extensive history, AkyVer® has been able to combine quality of its products together with technical performance and aesthetical design to meet a variety of architectural needs.

With more than 40 years of expertise, AkyVer® brand is the symbol of durability and quality “Made in France“. Our long-term partnership with our customers a homage the privileged relationships that we have built with them.

Thanks to a dedicated sales and technical experts team, we are able to assist our customers through their project to the realisation on site.

Produced in our French factory located in Kaysersberg we are able to maintain a high level of quality control. Corplex is also able to provide this product to Europe, Spain, Russia and even further.

polycarbonate building systems
polycarbonate building systems

Cladding & Roofing applications

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AkyVer® brand expresses durability and quality proven over the years through long term partnerships with our customers.



Our team of experts accompany you throughout the entire project, from the initial design stages all the way through to on-site implementation



With the production factory located in Kaysersberg, North East of France, Corplex is also able to provide this product to Europe, Spain, Russia and even further. 



Corplex supports your environmental policy by recovering your cutting waste. We recycle them into new production cycles to create new products.


polycarbonate building system

Akyver brand is split in 3 different types of multiwall panels and systems and a variety of accessories and tools to facilitate the installation of our products.

AkyVer® SunType Sheets is a range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets from 4 to 50 mm for all type of roofing or cladding applications.

AkyVer® Panel is a range of clip-on systems from 40 to 60mm and even double skin system for an optimal thermal and/ or acoustic insulation particularly suited for cladding applications.

AkyVer Connect® consists of a variety of systems from 16 to 40mm thickness ideal for roofing and cladding.

An additional range of AkyVer Prime add-ons exist to create openings through windows or corners in your buildings and facilitate your installation.

AkyVer® SunType Sheets

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets offering thermal insulation, lightness, cold bending possibility and impact resistance.

AkyVer® Panel Clip-On Systems

Clip-on polycarbonate multiwall system with high light transmission and quick to install.

AkyVer Connect® Systems

A high-performance thermal insulation quick-connect fitting system offering optimal results.

AkyVer® Finishes

Multiple finishes & optional treatments to addresses your performance requirements

AkyVer® Prime

Multiple finishes & optional treatments to addresses your performance requirements

Declaration of Performance



German’s Freiburg Stadium now Featuring an AkyVer® Polycarbonate Skylight