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Corplex’ core business is corrugated plastics extrusion and as such specializes in various types of polypropylene and polycarbonate solutions.

We are the original creators of  brands such as AkyLux® and Correx® that have become very popular in the industrial domain for the last 40 years.


AkyBoard® is a bubble structure polypropylene sheet that differentiates from other similar panels by its durability and light weight . Its versatility means you can easily convert this sheet for packaging or advertising material.

AkyLux® and Correx® are both fluted structure twin-wall polypropylene sheets that offer lightweight and rigidity for advertising, protection or packaging materials.

AkyPlen® is a solid polypropylene sheet that is suitable for printing but also easily convertible for packaging or internal fittings purposes. It combines the stiffness and the flexibility of polypropylene material that makes it an ideal printing solution for labels or premium packaging.

AkyVer® is a multiwall polycarbonate material that combines high performance and light weight. It is aimed at multi-wall roofing and cladding application and offers cold bending capacity and good impact resistance. AkyVer solutions offer high-performance thermal insulation resistant to extreme changes in temperature. In addition, AkyVer  is impact resistant.

All our plastic sheets are recyclable at the end of their useful life. You can get in touch with us to have further information on our Waste Collection Program.

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