AkyPak® Sleeves to

Safeguard your goods Reduce packaging waste Streamline operations

AkyPak® Sleeves for pallets are designed to provide a perfect balance between strength and ease of handling. The sleeves ensure that your goods are securely protected throughout the supply chain without compromising on operational efficiency.


Their excellent rigidity is provided by the AkyBoard® bubble structure polypropylene sheet, acting like a shield from moisture, dust, and shocks. 

AkyPak® polypropylene sleeves also offer efficient return logistics and space-saving benefits thanks to their foldable design. 


100% recyclable after up to 10 years of use, upgrade your pallet packaging with our AkyPak® sleeves and experience the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and eco-consciousness. 


Moisture Resistant

Shock Resistant

Bespoke Design


Long Lifespan


Bespoke design for efficient logistics operations

AkyPak® Sleeves serve as reliable solutions for shipping and storing a wide range of odd-shaped and difficult-to-palletise goods, parcels, and boxes. They are not only robust but also fully customisable to fit your unique specifications.


Available on standard dimensions from 800x600mm to 1900x1200mm, we are able to design sleeves to your requested length, width, and height.


Whether you’re shipping large machinery, bulk products or delicate goods, our tailor-made sleeves provide a perfect fit and ultimate peace of mind.

AkyPak® Sleeve

M Folding Sleeve

The creases located on the shorter side of the sleeve enable it to be folded up for maximum efficiency when returning and storing.

An M-folded sleeve is used when the height is less than the internal width of the pallet.

Z Folding Sleeve

The creases located on the longer side of the sleeve enable it to be folded up for maximum efficiency when returning and storing.

A Z-folded sleeve is used when the height is higher than the internal width of the pallet, but lower than the internal length.

Custom Multi-Part Sleeve

Our expert team will design the perfect multi-part pallet sleeve for your individual needs - whether you prefer an opening at the narrow side or long side.
Prevent your operators from the strenuous task of loading and unloading heavy products with bespoke sleeve configuration

Companies we've helped to optimise their operations

Our Pallet Boxes are pretty much perfect...

but can be even better with a little customization.



Bespoke Dimensions


Tailored Dunnage

Locking Systems

Track & Trace

Double your load capacity with AkyPak® Cube

The ingenious design of the AkyPak® Cube revolutionizes logistics efficiency and sustainability. By seamlessly integrating a floor-length pallet sleeve and a lid, which allows for stacking standard wood pallets, fully loaded, right on top of an already palletised payload, companies can double their cargo capacity while ensuring safe stacking.

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