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Corrugated polypropylene sheets

The strength properties of our twin-walled polypropylene sheets make them suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor protection applications. Due to the nature of the material they have been proven to be much more efficient than alternative solutions such as tarpaulin or cover sheets, making polypropylene the perfect solution for the protection of walls, doors, ceilings and windows.

construction building protection

Technical Specifications

Thickness Range from 2.0mm – 14.0mm
Grammage/m2 250gsm – 3000gsm
Format from 500x500mm to 6000x2400mm
Colours Translucent, White, Blue, Black, Silver, Red, Yellow (other colors optionnal)
Optional Additives Anti-static, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Flame Retardant, UV, Corona
Factory Print Options Flexographic, Screen, Digital