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Polypropylene and Polycarbonate solutions

Lightweight and highly resistant, Corplex extruded plastic sheets have been developed to tackle the construction industry’s performance challenges. Whether for building renovation or construction site, choose the performance of polycarbonate systems for cladding & roofing, and take advantage of polypropylene sheets for an ideal protection or an easy forming of ground beam.

construction building material
construction building material

generic benefits

  • Rot-proof, resistant to chemicals & water 

  • Lightweight & Rigid structure


  • Easy to transform (cutting, foding, welding, machining…)

  • Choice of colours, printable (digital, flexography)


  • 100% Recyclable at the end of its useful life

  • Non toxic, Volatile organic compounds


  • A team of dedicated technical experts

  • Waste take back program


Correx® Groundform

Correx® Protection

Correx® Fences

AkyVer® Polycarbonate Building Systems

High performance roofing & cladding multi-wall polycarbonate sheets and systems