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circular economy principles

Sustainable solutions

Corplex provides sustainable solutions that focus on effective product re-use and plastic recycling and is dedicated to being an outlet for the circular economy.

Our extensive range of products and applications are perfectly placed to take on the challenge of providing innovative products that drive carbon footprint reduction.

Corplex’s meets circular economy with lightweight, high-quality and re-usable products and systems designed to be efficient and to be used in continuous cycles without losing their integrity or quality. Furthermore, they can be recycled into a new product at the end of its useful life.

circular economy principles
circular economy principles

The 3Rs Approach

This is what we call the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) approach. It is the core principle from Corplex as a way to prioritise waste management strategies and reduce resource extraction and energy use.

The main objective behind 3Rs is to optimize use of the products, reduce energy and resources extraction, reuse products over and over again and finally, recycle them at the end of their lifecycle.

circular economy reduce

For an efficient environmental policy, first Reduce

Reduce energy and reduce extraction of natural resource by optimally manage environmental concerns in the industrial activity. Corplex is very involved in environmental concerns and makes sure to master all environmental impacts with regards to the organisation of its business.

The ISO 14001 certification of its plant in Kaysersberg, France, demonstrates its involvement in the environmental management of its factory.

circular economy reduce
circular economy reuse
circular economy reuse

Reuse as many times as possible

Compared to recycling or manufacturing new packaging, reuse avoids resource extraction, reduces energy use, reduces waste generation and can prevent littering. At Corplex, we think that reusing supports a more conscious consumption and encourages companies to produce more durable and long lasting products that last as many cycles as possible. That is why we propose solutions that can be reused over many years in regular logistics loops.

circular economy recycle

Recycle anywhere it’s possible

At Corplex we think that recycling should be done whenever any other circular economy strategy to manage the packaging is not possible. Additionally, it is important to know that reusing a packaging does not decrease the importance of recycling. The use of recycled materials in reusable packaging can further reduce their impacts on the environment as they support the decrease in resource extraction.

circular economy recycle
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circular economy carbon

Key information about Recycling in the extrusion process at Corplex

¨ The production of 1 ton of PP raw material by the supplier generates an equivalent 2t of CO2.

¨ The extrusion process generates 110 kg of CO2 released during the extrusion step for 1t of raw material extracted

¨ This means in total : 2.11 tons of CO2 per ton of Akylux, Akyplen or Akyboard extruded.

circular economy principles

The advantage of polypropylene is its recyclability.

By recycling the material and using it in production elsewhere, the carbon footprint is drastically reduced.

For example, through the extrusion of 1 ton of PP containing 30% of recycled material the amount of CO2 released is lowered to 1.53 tons

By extrusion of 100% recycled PP the amount of CO2 released is 0.18 tons