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Bespoke Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) designed to tackle automotive logistics supply chain challenges

automotive packaging

Having established trusted relationships in the automotive sector, Corplex Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) has become the choice for closed loop supply chain arrangements with vehicle manufacturers and their tiered supplier chain.

Benefitting from extensive automotive packaging design and manufacturing knowledge, Corplex offer bespoke Foldable Large Containers & tailor-made transit packaging designs. The dunnage incorporates fabric that is laminated, foam lined and textile protective to  provide the ideal reusable transit packaging solution for the conveyance of components ranging from headlight lenses to battery for electric vehicles.  

With the added benefit of Anti-Static and Electrostatic Discharge additives, Corplex’s portfolio provides enhanced transit packaging protection for the increasing demand for sensitive electronic components as a result of the needs of the electric vehicle revolution.

automotive packaging

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