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Reusable Plastics

Solutions for
the Circular Economy

The Future of Packaging

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Corplex is the only Global Manufacturer present at every step of the supply chain cycle. From polymer resins to final plastics applications, we shape customer needs into sustainable solutions for multiple industries. Experts in Design, Manufacturing and Recycling, we are committed to work closely with our customers to introduce efficient solutions to reduce the impact of their business on the environment. 

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Correx® PP Twinwall

AkyBoard® PP Bubble Structure

Lightweight and highly resistant honeycomb core sheet for various applications.

AkyPlen® PP Solid

Flexible polypropylene sheet for promotion materials or to be converted into multiple applications

AkyVer® PC Multi-wall

High performance roofing & cladding multi-wall polycarbonate sheets and systems

AkyPak® Foldable Large Containers

Reusable & Foldable plastic container optimising space, costs & carbon footprint

Sleeve Pack

Robust, lightweight collapsible plastic sleeve to transform your pallet into container

Packaging for Electric Vehicle

Lightweight storage and transport packaging solutions for Electric Vehicle batteries

Dunnage & Fittings

Multi-material solutions to improve protection of your goods in its packaging

Correx® Boxes & Trays

Correx® LayerPads

Correx® Storage & Picking

Correx® ESD Packaging

Correx® Dunnage & Fittings

AkyDrive® Protection Flooring

Strenght and Cleanliness for More Effective Flooring in utility vehicles

AkyDrive® Protection Lining

Lightness and Performance for perfectly protected walls in utility vehicles

AkyDrive® Interior Reinforcements

Effective reinforcement and protection components designed to reduce vehicle weight

Correx® Groundform

Correx® Protection

Correx® Fences

AkyVer® Polycarbonate Building Systems

High performance roofing & cladding multi-wall polycarbonate sheets and systems

Correx® PP Twinwall

AkyPrint® / AkyLite® PP Bubble Structure

High-quality, honeycomb structure sheets for permanent and semi-permanent promotional display.

AkyPlen® PP Solid

Flexible polypropylene sheet ideal for promotional labels and packaging application

AkyPure® Boxes

Tailor-made Hygienic Protective Packaging for Pharmaceutical Products

AkyPure® Trays

Hygienic fibre-free tray to transport your primary packaging in complete safety

AkyPure® Containers

A fibre-free container solution to store and exports your sensitive products

AkyVer® SunType Sheets

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets offering thermal insulation, lightness, cold bending possibility and impact resistance.

AkyVer® Panel Clip-On Systems

Clip-on polycarbonate multiwall system with high light transmission and quick to install.

AkyVer Connect® Systems

A high-performance thermal insulation quick-connect fitting system offering optimal results.

AkyVer® Finishes

Multiple finishes & optional treatments to addresses your performance requirements

AkyVer® Prime

Multiple finishes & optional treatments to addresses your performance requirements

Declaration of Performance


Sectors which adopted Corplex Solutions over many years




One of the largest telecommunication providers in France selects Corplex AkyPak™ polypropylene returnable containers as the preferred solution to transport household electronics and reduce costs and waste.



Corplex Make Inroads in the Aerospace Industry with a Customisable Returnable Container



German’s Freiburg Stadium now Featuring an AkyVer® Polycarbonate Skylight