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Plastic Solutions

Plastics are versatile and possess boundless potential, yet our current usage and disposal practices are incredibly wasteful.


Corplex is here to change that! Our goal is to help you transition to a Circular Economy whereby you generate very little packaging waste and reduce your CO2 footprint.

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At Corplex, we transcend the ordinary

We’re not just manufacturers; we’re pioneers of sustainable transformation.

Our commitment goes beyond manufacturing high-quality plastic solutions, it’s to develop a partnership and build a circular economy with each of our customers.

When it comes to reusable packaging and logistics solutions, we are your strategic partners; co-creating tailored plastic applications that allow you to carry out your business operations efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.


Trusted by industry leaders

Our mission is to accelerate your transition to a circular economy for plastics.

Together, we're rewriting
the narrative of plastics

Fit for Purpose

Crafting plastics isn't just about material; it's about crafting solutions with precision. Our recipes are tailored to meet the specific functional, performance, and compliance demands of each application. We go further than maximising sustainability and cost-effectiveness; we optimise excellence.

Innovative Design

You think it. We design & manufacture it. Your vision, our expertise. Our solutions aren't just about addressing business needs; they're about intertwining ease-of-use, end-of-life considerations, and the very fabric of recyclability.

Your waste, Our treasure

Your waste is our inspiriation. Through our Plastics Recovery Program, we collect your production cutouts and used products re-manufacture into a new cycle of value. We’re converters and collaborators in the circular journey. Monetise your plastic waste, simply by giving us a call.

Widest range of Polypropylene
& Polycarbonate Sheets

Manufactured using prime and recycled material formulations, our polypropylene sheets are renowned for their versatility.

Their applications can be converted to suit a variety of solutions such as packaging, display & signage, temporary protection, or lining & flooring OR With applications ranging from packaging, display & signage, temporary protection to lining & flooring, they can be converted and adapted to diverse solutions. Complementing this range, our “Made in France” multiwall polycarbonate sheets offer an ideal opportunity to enhance your architectural projects anywhere in the world!

We are the original creators of Correx® in the UK and AkyLux® across Europe, both of which have become very popular over the last 40 years.


Packaging solutions
that lower your
CO2 footprint

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing all types of Plastics solutions: from signage and other sheets applications, to complex bespoke packaging solutions. All designed to save you money and CO2.

co2 footprint

Do you think Cardboard has a lower
environmental footprint than Plastic?

Think again!

Our Life Cycle Analysis dispels the myth of Plastics being an unsustainable packaging material.


Our solutions are used
in many industries


Totes, reusable boxes and high-volume foldable containers with customised interiors


Clean-room packaging applications and reusable boxes and containers for high value cargo

Batteries & Electronics

Packaging solutions to integrally protect your electronics and solid dangerous goods during shipping and storage

Retail & E-commerce

A wide range of reusable e-commerce boxes and mailers, pick bins, pick wall and racking options

Logistics & Distribution

Lightweight and foldable boxes, totes, large foldable containers, solutions that optimize truck space – we have it all!


Customised packaging solutions to ship and store delicate and odd-shaped assembly components


Durable, impact and scratch resistant sheets for protecting many different surfaces

Printing & Signs

Corona and UV-treated sheets, die cut to measure, ready to be printed with your message

Food & Beverage

Layer pads to safely stack cans, glass bottles, PET bottles and other items on a pallet

Our services

Corplex Recycling

Your waste is our inspiration. We buy and recycle your discarded plastics: PE, PP, PS, and PC, converting them into new (recycled) raw materials ready for use in new manufacturing processes.

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Conscious Eco-Design

Our team of world-class designers ensures that every product aligns with your sustainability goals. Crafting packaging solutions that are functional, environmentally responsible, and economically viable.


Our commitment to innovation will benefit your entire supply chain, providing you with high performance products – low in CO2 emissions- enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of your operations.


Get to know us

For over four decades, Corplex has been synonymous with excellence in using high-quality polypropylene sheets—be it virgin, recycled, or blended.

Our commitment extends beyond materials; we work in partnership with our customers to actualise their solutions in alignment with their functional prerequisites, while concurrently reducing environmental influence and operational costs. Since our inception in 1972, this commitment has remained our unwavering path.

Corplex helps businesses reduce their CO2 footprint by 37% & lower their costs by 52%

Research, Development & Innovation

Processes and recipes are continuously devised to improve sustainability, increase recycled content, and reduce costs.

Bespoke Packaging Design

Removing unnecessary materials; Reducing packaging size; Maximise Reusability & Optimizing logistics efficiency are just some of the benefits we offer.

Circular Economy Driven

We are committed to help you Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose your packaging to lower your CO2 and costs.

Alliances & Certifications

We can’t do this alone. Certifications and alliances are key to keep us on track and ensure we do not deviate from closing the loop on plastics.

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it sounds fake.

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